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Is your commercial property in dire need of having its exterior surfaces cleaned? At Burns Exterior Cleaning, we offer quality commercial power washing in Charlotte NC, for property owners looking to spruce up their building exterior, parking lot, and more. It’s important that you keep your property looking its absolute best to make positive and lasting impressions on your customers and residents. A clean-looking property is a welcoming one, and our technicians are committed to power washing your property using proven and reliable techniques to make it appear as clean and inviting as possible. If you’re ready to begin routinely power washing your commercial property, we invite you to contact us today for a fast, free quote!

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Parking Lot

Your property’s parking lot is often one of the first things that your residents and customers notice. But parking lots that have become worn out or poorly marked can leave a negative impression. At Burns Exterior Cleaning, we offer power washing services for commercial parking lots to restore the appearance of your paved parking surface. Get the picture-perfect results you envision for your parking lot with professional commercial cleaning!

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As is the case with residential properties, commercial buildings can eventually gather unsightly organic materials on their surfaces that reduce property value and curb appeal and leave negative impressions on your employees and customers. We offer commercial building washing services to prevent more organic material from accumulating on your property’s exterior, increase its curb appeal, and leave it looking as good as new.

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Your commercial property’s roof is an important and valuable investment. Not only does your building’s roof add to your property value, but it also goes a long way toward keeping your residents and customers safe. We offer commercial roof cleaning to help property owners such as yourself avoid expensive roof repairs and replacements and maintain your building’s safety. Prevent damage done to your roof due to harmful organic growths with routine commercial roof cleaning appointments.

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Graffiti and vandalism are all-too-common occurrences that can impact your building’s property value and jeopardize the reputation of your business. At Burns Exterior Cleaning, we use power washing techniques to tackle graffiti and vandalism of your commercial building without damaging your exterior surfaces. Our technicians get rid of graffiti from a range of surfaces using custom levels of pressure and specific mixtures of cleaning agents.

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Getting rid of gum from your commercial property’s pavements and sidewalks can be tough if you try to use conventional cleaning methods. That’s why our technicians use commercial power washing techniques to rid your property’s sidewalks and paved surfaces of old and unsightly pieces of gum. Restore your property’s curb appeal to its fullest potential by working with us to permanently get rid of gum.

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Oil Stain

If you’ve ever tried removing oil stains from concrete yourself, you know that it’s a mostly futile endeavor. Instead of trying to tackle oil stains alone, choose to rely on our environmentally friendly oil spill cleanup methods. We use cleaning agents that are non-corrosive and biodegradable to ensure that we completely remove oil from concrete and other surfaces without ever corroding them in the process.

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Improve Your Property’s Safety with Commercial Power Washing in Charlotte NC

At Burns Exterior Cleaning, our commercial power washing in Charlotte NC does more than making commercial properties look clean and inviting — it also improves your building’s safety to protect the physical well-being of your employees and customers. Many commercial buildings have exposed areas that can accumulate organic growth, which, if left untreated for an extended period, can turn into slip and fall hazards when it starts to rain and get wet outside. With the help of our professional power washing services, however, you can ensure that your property’s surfaces remain safe to keep everyone who frequents your business free from harm.

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Frequently Asked Charlotte Commercial Cleaning Questions

Our commercial power washing in Charlotte NC offers multiple benefits to property owners: in addition to increasing your building’s overall curb appeal, commercial power washing also makes your property safer and more hygienic. Additionally, power washing your property can extend its lifespan by removing harmful organic growths. To learn more about how commercial power washing can benefit your property, get in touch with us today!

Our technicians rely on top-end power washing tools and equipment that can reliably guarantee high-quality results. In order to make your property appear as good and clean-looking as possible, we use mounted power washers that can generate water streams that are able to reach 5,000 PSI. Additionally, our technicians may also use specialized cleaning agents for surfaces that have become particularly greasy or oily.

We pressure wash all sorts of commercial properties like restaurants, drive-thru’s, storefronts, etc. to help businesses keep up appearances! This includes but is not limited to washing roofs, siding, parking lots, and more!

We are pleased to let you know that we are fully licensed and insured to execute the commercial services we offer. You will never have to worry about any liabilities with our team of professional and reliable commercial pressure washing experts.

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