Pressure Washing Concord

Concord Pressure Washing

We offer an extensive range of pressure washing services and soft washing services. Safety is our number one priority. We work safely and strive to create a safe environment for every client. We never cut corners or take shortcuts. Your satisfaction is our concern. 

Burns Exterior Cleaning specializes in preventing premature aging to your property’s exterior surfaces. We can help maintain and improve the appearance of your home or business!  

We take pride in being the best pressure washing company in Concord with the best customer service skills. We know that quality work and trustworthy businesses are important. Our team is highly trained with the latest technology and techniques to use to better serve you and your exteriors.

Commercial and Residential

At Burns Exterior Cleaning we use only the highest-grade quality equipment and techniques to ensure that your Concord property looks the best that it can.

We can create a service to offer one-time cleaning or regular routine cleanings depending on the need of our services. Our team is highly trained for specific techniques to reduce the amount of time that they are on your property, and they will be able to determine the appropriate pressure levels to ensure your surfaces are cleaned but aren’t damaged.

Your home can look tired and dated if you allow the dirt and grime to continuously collect on the exterior. Our products are completely environmentally safe for your home, family, pets, and plants that are exposed. This is important to us because we want to ensure your family’s health is secure with our services.

Why Pressure Washing?

When pressure washing is performed by a professional it can be the most efficient way to clean the exterior of your home or business. You can easily restore the look of your Concord home in a matter of hours by hiring our quality pressure washing technicians at Burns Exterior Cleaning.

If you are worried about replacing ugly fences, decks, or sidewalk than the answer may be with Burns Exterior Cleaning. We can add that like-new vibrance back into these outdoor elements so you can enjoy them for a long period of time, as intended.


Hiring a team of professionals from Burns Exterior Cleaning is a great investment if you want to improve the look and restore your property’s exterior surfaces. Instead of spending countless hours looking for all of the materials, equipment, reading up on training or techniques, preparing and prepping your surfaces, potentially damaging your property or injuring yourself, hire us at Burns Exterior Cleaning to get the job done accurately and efficiently. Our team of professional pressure washing technicians knows exactly how to do each job no matter how large or small.

Curb Appeal

Instantly add curb appeal by hiring us at Burns Exterior Cleaning to clean and reduce any contaminants from the outside of your home! If you are looking to easily and quickly spruce up the appearance of your home, we can help! If you are looking to sell your home soon, our professional technicians will pressure wash your home and increase the attractiveness and perhaps even increase the price of your home if the curb appeal improves. You’re well on your way to beautiful new exteriors. Give us a call for a free estimate. We would love to hear from you.

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