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Weddington Pressure Washing

We offer an extensive range of pressure washing services and soft washing services. Safety is our number one priority. We work safely and strive to create a safe environment for every client. We never cut corners or take shortcuts. Your satisfaction is our concern. 

When it comes to deep cleaning your home exterior, there are some things that can be incredibly difficult to clean without the proper tools or experience. Save yourself the time and effort by hiring a professional pressure washing company to complete these difficult tasks.

Hiring professional pressure washing services is a small investment, but the rewards are worth it. If you have not yet decided about hiring a company, let us help you understand why Burns Exterior Cleaning is the right choice:

Why Choose Burns Exterior Cleaning for Pressure Washing Your Weddington Property?

According to our repeat customers in Weddington, these are the top 5 benefits of hiring us:

We Use the Latest Industry-Standard Equipment
Whether you borrow from your neighbors, buy, or rent from a store, you will not find the latest industry-grade tools on par with our equipment.

Pressure washing equipment, especially commercial types, have higher capabilities and need to be maintained well.
We take good care of our tools to keep them performing consistently. You cannot say the same about tools that may have been abused or stored away for months at the local rental store. We also keep an eye out for newer models entering the market to make our cleaning capabilities even better.

Our Crew is Highly Trained
Our experienced crew is fully trained in cleaning various types of surfaces. This gives them plenty of knowledge on how to deal with the toughest stains even on delicate surfaces.

We Ensure Minimum Impact on the Environment
Our skilled pressure washing experts use eco-friendly products to reduce the environmental impact. We do away with wasteful techniques that overuse water, and for especially stubborn stains on delicate surfaces, we use specialized cleaning solutions to clean the surfaces. As a cleaning company with years of expertise, we know which products work well for specific materials.

No Surface Is Out of Reach for Us
When trying to clean hard-to-reach areas or upper floors, you may be using an ordinary ladder, which may not be the best option. It is not easy to juggle the tools and climb. Sometimes, you may even give up or make do by washing from the ground.
We provide creative solutions to get into every crevice. We offer thorough cleaning of concealed contaminants that make the surface dull or even damage it in the future.

Safety of Your Home Is Our Priority
A pressure washer is an intense tool that can cause damage to delicate surfaces if you misuse it. We use the safest techniques and appropriate equipment for every job. We take the utmost caution in handling the powerful pressure washers to ensure the safety of your Weddington home and everyone on the premises.

For excellent service and quality workmanship in Weddington, call Burns Exterior Cleaning at (803) 389-8569 for our amazing pressure washing services.

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