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We offer an extensive range of pressure washing services and soft washing services. Safety is our number one priority. We work safely and strive to create a safe environment for every client. We never cut corners or take shortcuts. Your satisfaction is our concern. 

A dirty roof is no good but hiring an inexperienced roof cleaning company is even worse. Besides wasting your time, you’ll be wasting your money to either have it redone, or repair the damage they caused. Trust an experienced company with your roof cleaning. Of course, no one intentionally hires a roof cleaning company that performs poor cleaning services. Individuals and companies fall victim to it due to the lack of information out there on how to hire the right roof cleaning company. Let’s talk about what you should look for, and why you should consider hiring Burns Exterior Cleaning.

Positive Recommendations

This is crucial for a roof cleaning company. Make sure they have positive reviews. Note that no company comes close to Burns Exterior Cleaning with regards to positive recommendations. We have worked with many different individuals and companies in Rock Hill, and they all will tell you that Burns Exterior Cleaning is the best roof cleaning company in Rock Hill.

Quality Service

When considering a roof cleaning company, be sure to look at before and after pictures from past projects. Have they cleaned roofs like yours? When uncertain about the quality and work ethics of the roof cleaning company that is of interest to you, ask questions. For example, Burns Exterior Cleaning offers various packages to suit different customer’s needs. We can provide you with the answers you may have you before you decide on hiring us.

Availability of Professionals

To get the absolute best roof cleaning, the cleaning process has to be done correctly. It will be very difficult for an inexperienced person to achieve the same level of clean that our company can because we use professional grade tools and detergents that are not widely available. Hence, you should be certain that the company that interests you has the training and expertise. In essence, people residing in Rock Hill should hire our highly trained professionals at Burns Exterior Cleaning for the best roof cleaning process, as we alone can guarantee the maximum clean.

Licensed & Liability Coverage

For your protection, you must ensure that any company you hire carries the right insurance coverage. They should also carry all applicable licenses related to their work or the task being performed. You can rest assured that we carry the proper insurance coverage and applicable licenses.

Besides the factors mentioned above, know that there are more that you should always consider before a hiring roof cleaning company. As a resident of Rock Hill, know that Burns Exterior Cleaning has you covered so you do not have to spend all your time comparing and researching local companies. Call us today and you will never regret making us your first choice for all of your roof cleaning needs!

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